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First Class Solitaire game not working or not loading +1-650-550-2106

First Class Solitaire game not working or not loading +1-650-550-2106

Troubleshooting for Pogo games not loading or are producing errors related to Java

Java is a programming language that we use to make certain Pogo games. Here is some information that should be helpful in troubleshooting and fixing issues that cause Pogo games not to load or produce Java-related errors.
First make sure that your game runs on Java. If so, continue with the following steps. If not, try our Flash guide.

Verify your Java version or install/update Java

You can download Java at
First, check to see if you have Java installed, and which version. This scan not only checks your Java version, but it helps you install the most recent version if you need it, and removes out-of-date versions.
An alternative to this method is to perform a clean reinstall. This article will walk you through the same basic steps of removing older versions and then installing the latest version of Java.
Enable Java for your computer and browserIf you are experiencing difficulties with Java even though you have installed it on your computer, you may need to make sure you enable it for your computer and browser.

Clear your Java cache

If you’re having problems running Pogo games, try clearing your Java cache.
This should be done whenever you encounter a problem with the way a game is functioning. Restarting your computer after doing so can also help the performance of the game.

NOTE: Java cache is different than your browser cache.

No Still having issues? If you’re still not able to load and play your Pogo games, try these other resources:

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