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How to change your Facebook language +1-650-550-2106

How to change your Facebook language +1-650-550-2106

Facebook does not need any introduction or description .it is a social networking site that connects you to others. A person can involve with others socially and communicate with each other. They can share their lifestyle simply by posting pictures and add an event in which you are interested and invite you to groom with others. they share their live locations and upload what they want to show to the world.

Not just for entertainment, Facebook helps you to enhance your business. As if you are a seller then somebody buys it from you if you are on Facebook and connect with that person. Sometimes while communicating people face issues regarding the language. As language plays a major role in communicating and knowing more about Facebook and other things you need to understand the language aspect.

The world uses Facebook and has an account which they use in their language as there are so many languages spoken and you are not able to understand that, so it is good that you can change the Facebook language.

If you are using Facebook on the computer then you change the language by going in a language setting and choose whatever the language is convenient for you.

There are two ways by which you can change the language

  • Firstly click or tap the arrow which is shown at the right side of the Facebook page .after clicking at that your go to see the list that what option do you choose.
  • Then go to settings at the bottom of that list which was opened after clicking that arrow.
  • Choose the Language tab at the left of the screen
  • On the very first line, the one that reads “What language do you want to use Facebook in?”, select Edit off to the right.
  • Now choose the language which is readable to you. E.g. English US etc.
  • After choosing the language click the blue button which denotes the “save changes” and you are good to go for the chosen language.

Another way to change the language is via news feed:

  • You can change the language via the newsfeed. As you know that there is a small font sized alpha shown after scrolling down the news feed.
  • In between the chat box and the news feed, you got to see the language section where you see many languages like Española, Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc.
  • Click on the language you want then click the change language button.

If you are using Facebook on your mobile phone then you can also change the language in a simple way :

  • Click the three lines icon which opens the menu of setting in which you can see through the setting of your account
  • Then click in the last help and setting block of the menu.
  • You will find the language block in which you can change the language.
  • In the last don’t forget to confirm the language change by clicking the blue-colored tab named “save changes “.

These are the best ways you can change the language in the best possible ways.

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